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The third edition of Brugola Academy concludes successfully.

The project has resulted in the integration of over 20 new young individuals into the production departments.

Furthermore, the company’s steady growth is confirmed, including the opening of 30 job positions in the cold forming, rolling, and selection departments.

Brugola AcademyBrugola OEB successfully concludes the third edition of Brugola Academy, a training program organized in collaboration with Gi Group – the leading Italian employment agency – providing the opportunity for permanent employment under a 100% Employability contract.

Over the three editions of Brugola Academy, 32 candidates with a five-year diploma or a technical qualification participated. They were keen on specializing and taking on the role of cold forming operator in the automotive sector. More than 20 young individuals have been employed under a permanent contract.

During the two weeks of training at the Lissone facility, the participants were guided by molding and quality control managers, who demonstrated on-site all phases of the production process. The training encompassed 80 hours of theoretical and practical sessions on state-of-the-art machinery for cold forming.

The significance of human capital, with a focus on the younger generation playing a crucial role in the generational shift, represents one of Brugola’s pillars. The company has always been committed to developing policies to support its employees.

Brugola Academy serves as a dual opportunity: it facilitates the creation of new job positions for young individuals who have completed their education and need guidance in entering the workforce. Simultaneously, it allows the company, in a period of robust growth, to train competent and specialized individuals capable of meeting the company’s needs with personalized skills.

Moreover, entry through participation in the Academy is just the first step in the junior candidates’ career path. Once employed, they have the opportunity to embark on a continuous internal growth journey. Additionally, Brugola is investing in overseas training, enabling employees to gain experience directly at the company’s American branch.

Not limited to junior roles, the company currently has around 30 open positions in the production departments of cold forming, rolling, and automatic selection. Brugola is actively seeking experienced professionals to join its team. Interested individuals can submit their applications on the Work with Us page

“Training, especially for the younger generation, is one of our main focuses because it allows us to cultivate well-prepared professionals with high skills, capable of meeting the company’s needs,” states Jody Brugola, President of Brugola OEB.. “We are very attentive to the generational shift, while at the same time, we value our long-standing resources and invest in their skills and growth path. This is one of the cornerstones of our continuous expansion plan, which includes investments in people, machinery, and the expansion of production spaces. The Academy project has been carefully designed, and its positive outcome has confirmed the importance of integrating this activity stably into our business plans. The goal is undoubtedly to support junior figures, but at the same time, to connect with senior figures suitable for the 30 positions currently open in our production departments.”