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Investments in machinery, expansion of the production facility, new hires, and sustainability policies: these are the pillars of 2023 to take the company to further levels of growth in the coming year.

Brugola OEB concludes 2023 with enthusiasm, highlighting the total adherence to the strategic business expansion plan. The concentrated efforts in investments, structural expansion, new hires, and sustainability policies have positioned the company on a trajectory of continuous growth.

Investment Strategies and Production Growth

The heart of Brugola’s progress in 2023 is represented by targeted investments. Eleven new machines have been introduced to enhance Industry 4.0, consolidating automation, technological transformation, and energy efficiency. These significant investments translate into a considerable growth in production, with an estimated increase of 10/15% in pieces per day, amounting to 200 tons

Simultaneously, the expansion of production spaces is a fundamental step to optimize the production line. A new plant of over 1000 square meters, dedicated to the cold forming process, emphasizes vertical integration and promises to increase production efficiency.

Human Resources Growth and Social Commitment

Brugola’s growth in 2023 is not only about machines but also about people. With a strong commitment to employee well-being, the company plans to hire around 50 new collaborators by January 2024, thereby contributing to the development of the local community in Lissone and its surroundings. The new employees will join the current 452 resources operating at Brugola Italia.

Environmental Commitment and Sustainability

Another key element in Brugola’s growth journey is the commitment to environmental sustainability. The participation in the Icopower project, in collaboration with Malgara X, a specialist in energy efficiency, highlights the company’s commitment to reducing electricity consumption and significantly decreasing CO2 emissions. Brugola sets the ambitious goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2035, thus contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

2023 has been a year of tangible successes for Brugola OEB, a year in which the company has achieved new milestones and firmly positioned the foundation for further successes in the near future.