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The performance growth of Lissone’s company continues with an increase in turnover and expansion of the production site

Brugola OEB continues to grow its economic and financial performance in the first quarter of 2023, achieving results fully in line with the objectives of the strategic development plan.

The first quarter of 2023 recorded a 33% increase in revenue compared to Q1 2022. These encouraging results confirm the company’s investments and the subsequent prospects for the entire year of 2023. 2022 concluded with total revenue of €175.150 million for both the Italian and US branches, showing a consistent increase compared to 2021, which had a revenue of €140.650 million, and the pre-COVID period in 2019, which registered a final revenue of €151.300 million.

The continuously increasing production volumes necessitate the implementation of an investment program aimed at enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the production cycle. Two primary areas of intervention are identified to support production:

  • Purchase of new machinery (cold forming and sorting machines) to strengthen production capacity.
  • Expansion of the company’s production site, including the ongoing construction of the new Brugola headquarters since 2022.

In particular, the construction of the new headquarters will allow Brugola to have a new representative office, which is more modern and innovative, reflecting the company’s constant growth.

Furthermore, the new Brugola headquarters will contribute to the redevelopment of the entire urban area, benefiting the local community. The new offices will be built on an old disused factory site, which the company already owns in Lissone. The improvement of the area will include the creation of a green space with the planting of new trees – in line with the company’s green and sustainability policies – a free public parking lot, a pedestrian square named after the founder Egidio Brugola, and a new road that will improve traffic flow, named after Cav. Giannantonio Brugola.

In keeping with environmental considerations, the new headquarters will be equipped with photovoltaic panels for the conversion of electrical energy, and the roof of the B1 facility will also undergo improvements for soundproofing.

” 2022 ended with a positive balance and a 10% increase in production compared to the previous year,” said Jody Brugola, President of Brugola OEB. “We are confident that our company has great opportunities for growth and the ability to support increased productivity, thanks to our existing machinery and the investment plan, which includes the introduction of new machines in 2023. Our intention is to continue to promote the ‘Made in Italy’ label and production in our territory, at a time when the importance of enterprises is being recognized once again. In order to do this, we are also supported by our human capital, and we are working towards strengthening our welfare policy for the benefit of our employees, with a particular focus on young people who play an important role in the generational shift. New products, new customers, investments in machinery and personnel are the cornerstones that support our vision of a stable and continuously growing future.”