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Thanks to an integrated sustainability strategy
the goal is becoming increasingly concrete: carbon neutrality by 2035,
also thanks to the enhanced partnership with Forever Bamboo
and a 70% reduction in emissions by 2030.

Milan, April 2023

Brugola, the Italian multinational company founded in 1926 and leader in the production of screws for the automotive sector, is undertaking numerous and increasingly ambitious efficiency activities on multiple fronts across all company locations. Since its inception in 2019, the emissions reduction project has gained momentum, resulting in a 25% decrease in CO2 emissions by the end of 2022, alongside activities to offset the remaining CO2. This significant achievement is expected to improve rapidly as further efficiency measures are introduced throughout the year.

First and foremost, the Lombardy-based company positioned itself as a sustainability pioneer in 2021 by supporting Forever Bamboo’s project to create new forests of giant bamboo in Italy. Brugola became an Ambassador for Sustainability for the Forever Zero CO2 project, supporting three hectares of organic and symbiotic cultivation—two in Torre Pallavicina (BG) and one in Ripa Persico (FE)—which effectively mitigate 780 tons of CO2 annually until 2043. This multi-year project aims to complete afforestation of a total area of six hectares by 2024.

However, it’s not just about offsetting: the major challenge is also reducing consumption and emissions. With a consolidated turnover of 178 million euros, driven in part by the success of its expansion into the USA with a facility opened in Plymouth in 2015, Brugola is embarking on a new project for the recovery of used oil.

“Over the past 11 months, we have already recovered 70 tons of used oil, which represents half of the oil used in our production process,” comments Jody Brugola, who has served as President of the company since 2015. Our goal is now to reach 70%, further optimizing our six furnace lines, which have already allowed us to reduce gas consumption by 8% and decrease oil consumption by 32% by the end of 2022. With the implementation of new compressors and LED lighting, we have also improved energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption by 7%. In our main facility, we have developed a new method to recover the heat generated by the compressors, which is no longer wasted but reused for heating purposes within the plant. Starting this year, this best practice will be exported to all our other locations. But we won’t stop there: we are also exploring cogeneration solutions for simultaneous electricity and thermal energy production. And any remaining residue that we cannot eliminate will be offset through our bamboo forest.”

“We are honored to have Brugola as such a qualified and consistent ambassador for the environment,” comments Emanuele Rissone, CEO of Forever Bamboo. “The enlightened vision that guides the company is evident in these tangible efforts, which progressively surpass increasingly significant milestones

by leveraging reduction, optimization, and compensation through new hectares of bamboo forests.”

The project, initiated in 2020, started by replacing 25 tons of paper coils with reusable and eco-friendly technical cloths, resulting in an 80% reduction in paper usage. It also involved the recovery of emulsion composed of oil and water, essential and derived from the screw production process, resulting in a 15% reduction in oil usage. Additionally, there was an optimization in the production of compressed air through the installation of new inverter compressors in the OEB1 facility, leading to highly significant energy savings (-40% in air production consumption). Plastic consumption was also addressed, reducing it from 207 tons to 50 tons, two-thirds of which consisted of regenerated plastic. Furthermore, the lighting in the premises, offices, and production areas was switched to LED bulbs to lower electricity consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Forever Bambù, since 2014, is the first 100% made in Italy initiative that reclaims abandoned land, processes them, and plants them using an exclusive organic and symbiotic agroforestry protocol to transform them into giant bamboo forests. As the only company in the industry to have certified its forests for the absorption of CO2, which can be transferred to third-party polluting companies, it has developed a circular economy model based on certified CO2 offsetting and the use of biomass for green construction and bioplastic production. In addition to these services, other complementary services have been integrated, including sustainability reporting and compliance with ESG parameters in various aspects. Forever Bambù became a Benefit Company in 2021, bringing together 29 agricultural companies, including 7 innovative start-ups, covering 250 hectares planted with 198,000 plants. It has the participation of over 1650 members from across Europe In 2022, Forbes included Forever Bambù among the sustainability champions in its December special issue. After years of successful crowdfunding campaigns and over 32 million euros of paid-up capital, Forever Bambù now intends to pursue the path to going public, becoming the first company in the creation and management of forests for industrial purposes to consider this growth strategy. To learn more: