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Vision and Mission

Brugola OEB has consolidated its leadership in the production of fastening components for the automotive industry over the years. Since its establishment in 1926, the company has set out on a path of successes and innovations peppered with technological, cultural, and qualitative advances.


Our company was established to set goals of excellence for itself in its sector of reference. We have reached them over the years and have constantly maintained them. In particular:

Maximum customer satisfaction

thanks to products of absolute quality, reliable service, a strong competitive edge and outstanding flexibility.

High performance

of all the resources aimed at maintaining a level of extreme efficiency and continuous improvement.

Technological innovation

as an essential and crucial factor for constantly optimising the company’s quality and productivity.

Continuous improvement

of the elevated engineering skills and ability to innovate and develop increasingly advanced and sophisticated components.

Effective technological support

aimed at solving all specific problems concerning the use of the various products.

Full involvement

and commitment of all personnel in carrying out projects and achieving goals.


Brugola OEB contributes to creating the future with quality and defends it with its commitment, always. Ideas, values, huge enthusiasm and dedication lie at the heart of our work. All quality that allow us to achieve our goals and most ambitious dreams.

We are specialists.

We devote ourselves to making bolts and special fastening elements of the highest quality and custom designed based on our customers’ requirements. Made with cold forging technology, our components have an extremely sophisticated technological content suitable for the severest applications in the mechanical and automotive industry, whether traditional or electrical.

We are pioneers.

Our company was founded by an entrepreneur with a revolutionary idea and a natural talent for technical challenges. We were the first to introduce the concepts of Zero Defects and Total Quality, to provide our customers only tested, geometrically perfect and highly performing components As we are a Full-Service Provider, we are the only point of contact for entire plants, and we also handle external supplies and logistics on the assembly line.

We are innovators.

Attention given to meeting the continuous and changeable market demands led us to focus on technological research and development, positioning us as a reference point for our customers. We were the first to develop many product types: all basic stages of our bolts and fasteners that won us declarations of acclaimed technological supremacy

We share with our stakeholders the values that distinguish us.

We are firmly convinced that through a strong partnership between supplier and user it is possible to achieve important results and superior levels of quality. By believing in our values, over the years we have steadily evolved and have achieved important results we are proud of.