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Our history

Brugola OEB was founded in Lissone, Italy based on the engineering experience of its founder, Egidio Brugola, as a manufacturer of washers and special rings for engines and related applications Seeking quality and innovation has been the company’s philosophy from the very beginning. The diversification of production implemented in the bolts segment led to the historical patent of the Socket Head Screw with Spiral Shank.

During the difficult years following World War II, the principle of solidarity inspired the company and its founder. In addition to providing free meals for the employess, Egidio Brugola offered personnel means of transport such as bicycles, scooters, and cars to more easily move about in a period when travel was very difficult.

With the economic boom, and under the management of Egidio’s son Giannantonio Brugola, the production range and sales areas expanded, with a decisive encouragement of exports to Europe and overseas countries. It is during this period that the foundation was laid for what would soon become a leading company in the fasteners sector. While gradually consolidating a vital niche in the automotive industry, Brugola OEB developed innovative technologies, and in the 1980s introduced the concepts of Zero Defects and Total Quality, which is the search for methods and tools that guarantee maximum safety and excellence.

Having definitively become the point of reference for the automotive industry, Brugola OEB today is at the third generation of the Brugola Family. It is Jody Brugola who today is successfully facing the new market challenges. From the automotive concept of downsizing, meaning the production of engines with increasingly higher power to displacement ratios, to the study and use of innovative raw materials and up to the advent of the electric motor. The company is projecting itself into the future with its wealth of history, experience and ability to innovate while continuing to invest in the research and development of new products for the automotive industry, and beyond

From the origins to the present day


Egidio Brugola founded the company OEB (Officine Egidio Brugola) and soon began to mass produce bolts.


Egidio Brugola obtained the patent of the Socket Head Screw with Spiral Shank.

Egidio Brugola passed away, and his wife Emmy temporarily took over the reins of the company.


Giannantonio Brugola became the President of OEB, marking the beginning of a period of profound renewal driven by the economic boom.

OEB began production of special bolts for the automotive industry, becoming the sole supplier of the engine cylinder head bolts for the Volkswagen Group and introducing the Zero Defects philosophy.


Giannantonio Brugola patented the POLYDRIVE® bolt.

For the first time the company’s entire production was exclusively dedicated to the automotive sector.

Brugola OEB became sole supplier of bolts for the Ford I4 engine, one of the group’s widest produced engines worldwide.


Brugola OEB introduced the FSP Model, becoming the sole supplier and interlocutor for entire engine plants, while at the same time also managing logistics for Just-In-Time supply.


All Ford Europe engines were assembled with Brugola OEB bolts on an exclusive basis. In this same year, a new company-owned logistics hub was inaugurated in Detroit, Michigan (USA).


Giannantonio Brugola was named Cavaliere del Lavoro by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

Brugola OEB opened four new company-owned plants.


A new company-owned logistics hub was inaugurated in Desio, Italy.


Jody Brugola becomes the President of the company , marking the inauguration of the third generation of the Brugola family at the helm of Brugola OEB. In this same year, a new production plant was opened in Detroit, Michigan (USA).


Jody Brugola became Commendatore al Merito of the Italian Republic at the age of only 38 years. Brugola OEB also began production of the first bolt for the electric motor.


Brugola OEB implemented SAP, an important technological development for a manufacturing company. The President led the company to its historical turnover record of over €151 million.


Despite the challenging historical period, Brugola OEB continued to invest in machinery and the design of new products, and in the use of new raw materials.


Significant investments were launched to modernise all Brugola OEB production plants.


Brugola OEB expands its production beyond screws and starts manufacturing special products for the automotive industry and other sectors. Furthermore, it is important to do business while respecting the environment. Brugola OEB scheduled a series of activities for sustainability and for becoming Carbon Neutral.