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Sustainability and Safety

In line with the spirit of excellence at the foundation of our policies, we are committed to fostering the growth of the company compatibly with the environment and with the context in which it operates. Likewise, we bring forward the safety culture as the first basis for a working environment up to standard, safe and well performing.


Brugola OEB incessantly invests in buildings, systems, machinery and the entire organisation in order to reconcile its growth with the lowest environmental impact possible. We undertake to encourage proper use of the resources and a prevention policy after assessing the environmental impacts that might originate from use of new plants or raw materials.

Some of the tangible measures we have taken to reduce the environmental impact of Brugola OEB’s activities are:

Energy efficiency improvement interventions on the systems of our plants

Replacement of paper reels with reusable technical cloths (-80% paper consumption).

Recovery of litres of emulsion coming from the screw production process (-15% in the use of oils)

Improved efficiency in the production of compressed air by installing new inverter compressors (-40% energy consumption in producing air).

Reduced use of plastic inside the company by taking strategic measures, such as using automatic water dispensers and compostable cups and stirrers. Two-thirds of the plastic remaining in use is regenerated.

Replacement of all lighting with LED lamps.

We are also a partner of Forever Bambù, the European leader in planting bamboo groves and a green economy holding. By participating in the Forever Zero CO2 project we are able to offset the CO2 emissions of a part of our plants in Italy by planting forests of giant bamboo, a plant that is able to sequestrate 260 tonnes of CO2 a year for every terraria planted, 35 times more than any other conifer.


We work to preserve and improve Occupational Safety. Our everyday undertaking is aimed at spreading and strengthening a safety culture, developing awareness of risks and promoting the adoption of responsible behaviour.

All of our collaborators take part in the process of preventing risks in connection with their jobs. Furthermore, they are actively involved in the processes of safeguarding the environment and protecting health and safety for themselves and for all stakeholders, in full observance of the regulations in force.